Fiddown Tidy Towns

Fiddown Tidy Towns

Address: 4, Kylemore Grove, Fiddown

Phone: 087-6684674

Fiddown Tidy Towns Association was founded in 1964. Its aim was to enhance the appearance of the village and develop its amenities. It became the driving force in the village
development over the years and is largely responsible for many of the services and amenities we now enjoy.

Areas such as, the village approaches, the moat, the bridge and floral arrangements, have been improved and are showing all the signs of care and attention. The slipway, quay and Moat have been transformed by a great voluntary effort, and all the grassed areas are cut and trimmed.
Work parties are organised every Wednesday evening at 7.00pm, and on Saturday mornings.

So come along and give a hand. We also need funds to continue with our work so if you have any ideas or suggestions please contact us.